Social Technology: A New Sense?

When Oprah interviewed Stevie Wonder, one topic they touched upon was his blindness and the possibility of restoring his sight. Similarly, social technology represents a new type of digital “sense” that we are still learning how to incorporate into the rest of our digital infrastructure (the point being made in the above video.) Incorporating a new type of sense will take time because new associations have to developed (as Stevie himself notes.)

Oprah: If you could live your life again, would you change being blind?

Stevie: I would not change it.

Oprah: You never dreamed of wanting to see?

Stevie: I don’t regret what happened because it made me who I am. But I’d love to see.

Oprah: In 2000 there were reports that you were planning to get some kind of chip to regain your sight.

Stevie: The chip is very real, and I’ve met with the doctor who discovered it. The chip allows you to pick up images through impulses. You have to be tested to see if you’re eligible, and I have some potential eligibility. I think it’s great.

Oprah: Is the chip still in the works?

Stevie: Very much so.

Oprah: If you’ve never seen, can you miss it?

Stevie: I miss what’s associated with seeing.