Sree Hameed – Resume

The world of selling is changing rapidly as the buyer continues to gain more control of the sales cycle. The idea that a business acquires a customer is becoming obsolete – increasingly, its the other way around. And this shift requires rethinking how processes, metrics, and content must come together to empower the buyer’s journey.”


I help buyers and sellers connect through stories. Storytelling is what I do best and it is the foundation for the other things I do, whether its building a pipeline before the sale or enabling change management of new processes after the sale.

While all my stories take place at the intersection of business and technology, its the customer who is always the central character of the story – the technology is the supporting cast. Over the past 20 years I’ve had lots of great material to work with: Supply Chain, Product Innovation, Lifecycle Management, Risk Management, Customer Centricity, Auto-ID/RFID, Real-Time Manufacturing Control, Energy Management, and most recently Talent Assessment. Connecting the dots across these technologies has given me insight into the “how of making money” as well as see the broader trajectory of business transformation in terms of how much it has changed in past century – and where we are likely headed in the 21st century.


Vice President Marketing (Jan 2013 – Apr 2013)

  • Formalized the marketing function: Prior to my hiring, PeopleAnswers had no marketing department. It had an inside sales team  of eight junior reps cold-calling and making appointments for the outside sales team of ten senior reps. I was give three existing headcount, including a part-time PR contractor as part of my new marketing team and my role was to primarily support the inside sales and outside sales teams.
  • Updated the company message: Changed tactical “pre-employment assessment” positioning to “talent science platform for talent lifecycle” to reflect strategic value and engage top HR executive decision maker.
  • Briefed industry analysts: Validated talent science platform with Forrester Research and Gartner group.
  • Updated lead generation metrics: Implemented lead qualification criteria  that was consistent with industry best practices for the telemarketing team.
  • Evaluated, selected, and implemented a marketing automation system: Deployed HubSpot as the marketing platform to enable website analytics, email marketing, CRM integration, and landing pages as part of Phase 1.
  • Created collateral for outbound marketing process: Created supporting slides for sales, presentations on SlideShare, datasheets, and introductory product demo/overview in support of the new talent science message.

Global Strategic Accounts Team/Consultant (Jan 2012 – Nov 2012)

  • Developed industry messaging and campaigns: Created the Enterprise Control story in industry-specific context for the Oil & Gas and Consumer Goods industry solutions campaigns.
  • Developed executive proposals: Assisted the Global Strategic Accounts team in sales efforts to close $20 million in bookings and create $40+ million in upside revenue opportunities.

Senior Strategic Market Advisor/Consultant (Jan 2010 – Dec 2011)

  • Updated “Enterprise Control” story and messaging:  The “Enterprise Control” concept had been introduced in 2007 and had limited traction both internally and externally. Worked directly with the CEO of a newly reorganized $2+ billion division to reshape the story.
  • Created new content: Helped roll out the updated message to 2000+ sales force and partner ecosystem via new sales presentations and collateral as part of a dedicated Enterprise Control strategic marketing team.
  • Supported the CEO: Developed presentation materials and performed market research for various internal company meetings and external marketing events.
  • Supported HP partner relationship: Facilitated go-to-market strategy with HP to explore joint R&D opportunities and cross-sell joint technology platform into existing and new market segments.

MCAFEE, Dallas, TX
Consultant/BI Analyst (Jun 2009 – Nov 2009)

  • Supported VP, Field Marketing team’s monthly, weekly, and ad-hoc reporting: Analyzed “big data” in marketing automation (Eloqua) and sales force automation (Oracle) systems and created reports as needed.
  • Proposed a Marketing Performance Management framework: Developed a whitepaper around an integrated performance management approach based on analysis of existing data and assessing the gaps across sales, marketing, and channel functions in McAfee’s “demand chain.”

Senior Vice President – Supply Chain Risk Management Practice (Nov 2007 – Oct 2008)

  • Developed Customer Centricity model: Interviewed market leaders including Best Buy, Dell, Apple, Toyota, and Starbucks to define the “customer centricity” concept for Marsh’s new Supply Chain Risk Advisory Service. The resulting framework for managing strategic risks was presented at Accenture’s 2008 Leaders in CRM conference.
  • Supported sales efforts for supply chain risk insurance policy offering: Advised clients on dealing with insurable vs. uninsurable risks in their supply chain using multiple risk quantification models.

SAP LABS, Palo Alto, CA
Director of Product Strategy – Manufacturing, SCM, PLM (Jun 2006 – Oct 2007)

  • Developed keynote presentations: Directly worked with Senior VP  of $700 million business unit to create thought leadership content  for client and industry conferences.
  • Shaped new product strategy: Researched emerging challenges to define the next generation of Supply Chain and Manufacturing functionality for SAP application portfolio.
  • Updated current product strategy: Identified Risk Management functionality gaps in current product footprint, potential acquisition targets when available, and proposed new product functionality for $700 million business unit.
  • Organized a major RFID executive event:  in 2007 with participation from four major universities in the Dallas/Ft.Worth region with 150+ executives in attendance.

Vice President, Marketing Strategies (Feb 2005 – May 2006)

  • Consulted on client projects: Performed a broad range of advisory projects including vendor competitive analysis and strategy consulting for major technology vendor clients
  • Supported monthly research publication: Researched and created content on emerging topics in Supply Chain Management and RFID.
  • Deployed a custom content management system: Helped automate the internal research-to-publication process via content management and e-commerce tools.

Account Director (Jan 2004 – Jan 2005)

  • Managed the SAP relationship: Facilitated the ideation process between the Fosforus creative team and SAP  teams. Coordinated ongoing direct marketing campaigns which represented over $200 million in pipeline opportunities for SAP and grew the client account to $1.5M in marketing services fees.
  • Managed a hosted marketing automation portal: Designed and deployed an e-commerce solution for SAP Americas small-to-midsize channel partners to purchase pre-packaged campaigns that included list acquisition, customized email templates and landing pages, and delivery tracking.

Consultant/Entrepreneur (Jan 2002 – Dec 2003)

  • Co-founded a technology start-up: Teamed up with another ex-i2er to implement a custom supply chain software application for managing procurement risk during new product introductions at HP-Digital Imaging (cameras and scanners).
  • Provided marketing consulting and advisory services: Worked as a freelance consultant for multiple software startups in the supply chain arena (Transportation Management: Nextjet; Order Management/E-Commerce: InterWorld)


Director, Consulting Services (Apr 2000 – Sep 2001)

  • Launched i2’s first E-Learning offering: What started as an internal, company-wide online education program on supply chain concepts to create organizational alignment across 10+ acquisitions became so popular that the curriculum was subsequently made available to customers and partners, generating $1 million in revenue from a $75,000 investment.

Director of Marketing (Aug 1998 – Mar 2000)

  • Managed i2’s EMEA marketing organization: As part of a turnaround team, restructured and led the European marketing operations with responsibility for generating an annual pipeline of $150 million in qualified opportunities.

Marketing Manager (Aug 1993 – Sep 1998)

  • Jump-started all manner of marketing projects. Being part of i2’s early stages of growth helped me get involved by taking the lead on a number of  roles spanning product marketing, analyst relations, public relations, channel marketing, and field marketing – simply because there was no one else around to do it.


As I looked back on my research, I realized that the structure of business was a common theme — as well as a lens by which I viewed various subjects and topics related to business (and hence the name of the blog.) The following are some examples of content that has shaped my thinking to date. (In instances where I have coauthored whitepapers, it has been through my ongoing role as an Advisory Board Member to the Center for Intelligent Supply Networks at the University of Texas at Dallas.)

Talent Science

  • (2013) Using Behavioral Science as a Foundation for Talent Lifecycle Management: whitepaper (in-progress)

Cash Flow

Social Business

Real-Time Control (Manufacturing Automation, Energy Management)

  • (2012) Energy Management & Sustainability, internal whitepaper on the market opportunity and strategies for success for Invensys
  • (2011) Empowering the Edge, keynote presentation by CEO for OpsManage ’11 user conference
  • (2010) Operational Excellence at the Real-Time Frontier, keynote presentation by CEO for OpsManage ’10 user conference

Agility & Adaptation

  •  (2008) Customer Centricity in the 21st Century: A Framework for Analyzing Strategic Risks and Opportunities
  • (2007) Innovation & Efficiency: Roadmap to Operational Excellence, keynote presentation by SVP at SAP Insider user conference

Demand Chain (Sales, Marketing, & Channels)

  • (2009) From Contact to Contract: Achieving Operational Excellence in Demand Chains

Supply Chain (Operations, Logistics, Procurement)

  • (2009) Globalization Encounters A Speed Bump: An Analysis of Oil Price Volatility on Value Chains, whitepaper authored for Invensys/Wonderware
  • (2008) A Total Cost Approach to Optimization, whitepaper coauthored for the Center for Intelligent Supply Networks
  • (2008) Seeking Rewarded Risk in Supply Chains, whitepaper authored for Marsh Risk Intelligence Services
  • (2007) Enabling The Perfect Plant, February 2007, whitepaper authored for SAP Labs
  • (2006) Managing Risk in Adaptive Supply Chains, internal whitepaper coauthored for SAP Labs

Design Chain (Product Design, Product Lifecycle Management)

  • (2006) The Product View, whitepaper and presentation coauthored for SAP Labs
  • (2006) A Survey of Product Lifecycle Management Capabilities for the High Tech Industry, whitepaper coauthored for UGS Corporation
  • (2006) Product Lifecycle Management in the Telecommunications Industry whitepaper coauthored for UGS Corporation


  • (2008) Enabling Adaptive Business Networks with Enterprise Service Oriented Architectures, whitepaper and presentation coauthored for SAP Labs


  • University of Texas, Arlington, Texas: Master of Science, Information Systems
  • University of Texas, Arlington, Texas: Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing